Babygym Toys - Lama - 4 Pieces


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This four toy characters are suitable for use in combination with the Jollein wooden baby gym. It is made of soft teddy fabric and the four toys are two grey and two white lama’s. From about 10 weeks of age, your baby is increasingly more in need of incentives, playing and looking around. That is the moment that a baby gym provides that additional challenge. Buy the wooden baby gym now and decorate the with nice characters, shaped like a lama. Put your baby underneath, on a soft subsurface and let the playing begin! The movements of the toys on the baby gym will be fascinating for your baby to see. He will excitedly kick his feet or will start making noises as he manages to grab or touch a toy, making it move even more. Using the baby gym will stimulate the development of the gross and fine motor skills. It stimulates the senses. Furthermore, your baby will be more and more in control of its grabbing tactics and will learn that toys will be moving more violently if you hit them or grab the toys. So, that makes it quite valuable, such a baby gym. The baby gym toys of Jollein are delivered without the wooden baby gym. The baby gym is separately available and can easily be assembled. In the Jollein collection The Jollein collection has various baby gym toys available. You can easily attach and remove the baby toys. That allows you to alternate the toys, keeping things interesting and challenging for your baby. A llama farm? There are more lama’s available at Jollein's! Shaped as a stuffed animal, pacifier cloth or musical mobile.


Two grey and two white in one package.


The lama’s are each 13 cm long.


Made of teddy polyester on the outside and filled with a polyester fibre fill.


Do not leave your baby alone with the baby gym. Stay close to your baby.

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A Perfect Treat For The Babies

It’s never going to be enough if I start praising these lama-themed baby gym toys! The vibrant colors and cute designs (Oh My God) instantly grab my little one's attention. The high-quality materials make them both safe and durable. A must-have for any baby playtime

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