Bib Waterproof with Sleeves - Mustard - 2-Pack


About the product

This bib with sleeves is great. It's a kind of apron and it protects the clothes of your baby or toddler extra well thanks to those sleeves.

And why is there a double layer of fabric at the bottom? That was planned that way! Your child regularly lets food drip down the chin over the bib while eating independently. The bottom edge of the slab catches these blobs and bits. It's a receptacle, and you will certainly appreciate it!

This bib is not only useful for meals, but also crafts and finger painting can now be organized extra easily. Because, with such a paint apron you know: the clothing will remain clean every time!

The liquid and blobs on the front don't leak through onto the clothing. This is due to the waterproof material of which this bib is made.

You close the waterproof bib with Velcro on the back. This stays in place so that your baby cannot easily remove the bib. The bib can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Are there many messy moments in a day? Then buy a duo pack. Then you get two identical bib aprons in a single purchase.

Available as a single bib and as a duo pack.


Mustard yellow with tiger heads. Also available in other prints and colours


Can be used from infancy until your toddler is about 2 years old.


Made of polyester and polyurethane.


Wipe with a damp cloth.

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