Baby Sleeping Bag 4-Seasons 43"/110cm - Botanical - Leaf Green


About the product

This is the perfect sleeping bag for your baby. You can transform the 4-seasons sleeping bag from a winter sleeping bag into a summer sleeping bag, by removing the detachable inner sleeping bag. The sleeping bag has a nice botanical print and the sleeping bag feels nice and soft. You can give your baby warm and comfortable nights and make them feel at ease. This is because sleeping bags limit freedom of movement and make babies feel secure. Your very mobile baby will not be able to keep moving until they're exposed.

The specialist in baby sleeping bags since 1973

As specialists, we know the requirements for a perfect sleeping bag from experience. Safety and comfort are our priorities when developing new sleeping bags. Your baby must be able to sleep safely and comfortably in all of our sleeping bags. We also focus on trends and accessibility. Our sleeping bags are always easy to use, so you can transform the 4-seasons sleeping bag from a winter sleeping bag into a summer sleeping bag in an instant, and you can remove the sleeves from the sleeping bag once the nights get warmer. We combine all of this with the most trendy colours and prints. Jollein, dreaming big since 1973!


This sleeping bag has a botanical all-over print and is available in Nougat and Leaf Green. Which is your favourite?


Available in 70, 90 and 110 cm. Make sure to choose the right size. You don't want your baby's head to end up inside the sleeping bag through the neck opening, or for the sleeping bag to be so small that they can't stretch their legs. Make sure to use the size chart and choose well! So you can have nights without worries.


TOG value

Each part of the sleeping bag has its own TOG value. If you use two components and the sleeves, it's a winter sleeping bag with a TOG value of 3.0, with just the outer layer it has a TOG value of 2.5, and with just the inner summer layer without sleeves, the TOG value is 0.5. Don't worry too much about the TOG value, use your common sense: use two fingers to check the neck of your baby, to find out if they're comfortable. Is your baby sweating? Then they're too warm. Remember, cold hands don't really say much. The neck gives the correct information!

The washing instructions

You can wash the sleeping bag. It's a good idea to wash the components separately, to make washing and drying easier. You can wash the sleeping bag at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees, and you must never put it in the dryer. You can iron it, but it's not necessary. You will find more washing instructions on the washing label. Make sure to check it before washing the sleeping bag.



The outer layer is made of 100% cotton. The inner layer is made of jersey 100% cotton. The lining of the outer sleeping bag is 100% polyester.

Practical for changing diapers

No matter the season, the sleeping bag can stay on while you change your baby's diaper. Open the sleeping bag up to their belly button, but keep their upper body in the sleeping bag. Take your baby's lower body out of the sleeping bag, put the bottom of the sleeping bag to the side and you can change the diaper! Now let's hope that their romper is still clean. Good luck!"

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