Baby Sleeping Bag Jersey 43"/110cm - Giraffe - Caramel


About the product

Sturdy safari sleeping bag with giraffes all over. The black white giraffes will make your child happy every day. And do you opt for the caramel or the blue sleeping bag?

The low TOG value makes it perfect for use in the summer or you can use this jersey sleeping bag during the winter, in combination with a warm blanket.

The sleeping bag offers security during the sleep hours and ensures that your little one will sleep better. A sleeping bag also ensures that your baby is less able to kick and move, which will make him sleep more calmly. And even if the blankets are kicked away during sleeping and dreaming, the sleeping bag will remain in place and keep your child nice and warm.

Due to the cotton fabric, this sleeping bag can be folded into a small package, making it convenient for the overnight bag or the holiday suitcase.


This sleeping bag is available in jeans blue and caramel. Both designed with a print of black white giraffes.


Available in 70, 90 and 110 cm. 70 cm is suitable for babies of 3-6 months, 90 cm is suitable for 6-18 months and 110 cm is suitable for 18-36 months. Check the size table and choose the sleeping bag that matches the length of your child.


100% breathing jersey cotton.

TOG value

All of our sleeping bags were tested on the so-called TOG-value. This has a value of 0.5. So, a real summer sleeping bag. And with a blanket, it is very suitable in the winter. Pay more attention to your baby than to the TOG-value. Your child's neck will tell the right temperature. Is the neck clammy or sweaty? Then you can take off a layer of clothing.

Washing instructions

The sleeping bag can be washed up to 40 degrees maximum. The care label inside the sleeping bag will show all washing instructions.


Never let your child sleep in a sleeping bag for a longer period of time. A sleeping bag that is too large, with too large a neck opening, is hazardous to your child. Choose the size that matches the length of your baby.

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