Bib Waterproof Meadow - Rosewood - 2 Pack


About the product

Let your little one dream away with this fine must-have muslin blanket with fringes. The hydrophilic muslin fabric is wonderfully soft and is a nice blanket in the summer, but also nice to use as an extra blanket in combination with a sleeping bag.

A blanket gives a safe feeling and ensures that your little one can sleep safely and comfortably. In addition to being a blanket, it can also be used perfectly as a hydrophilic multi-cloth to take to the beach or pool. The muslin fabric, made of organic cotton, also absorbs moisture with ease and is super soft for sensitive skin. You can also easily take the multifunctional blanket with you in your diaper bag as an extra blanket, to change your baby when you are on the road, or as a towel.

Shop this multifunctional item in three trendy colours: ivory, grey and biscuit and in two sizes for the crib and crib.

Mix Match

You can combine this multifunctional muslin blanket well with a fitted sheet with a print, for example from the Savannah, Meadow or Bloom theme.

About the theme

The soft blankets from the Muslin Fringe theme are a real must-have for every (future) mother. They have been developed in such a way that it is not only perfect as a blanket, but can also be used as a multi-cloth. The blankets are made of 100% organic cotton. In the theme you will find the neutral colours ivory, storm grey and biscuit and the blankets are available in the dimensions 75x100 cm and 120x120 cm.

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