Blanket Cot 100x150cm Basic Knit - Caramel


About the product

This smooth knitted crib blanket is made of cotton with acrylic. It's virtually indispensable in the baby's room. The blanket combines with every style sheet in the crib. You can also easily use the blanket as a shawl. Handy to have at least two blankets for the crib so there's always one on hand if you need to get up in the middle of the night to change the bedding if your little one has had a little baby accident.

colour h3>

Available in eight colours. Soft smooth knits, that give atmosphere to the baby room. You can also choose from eight great colours: black, stone green (light grey green), nougat (cream coloured), grey, forest green (green), blush pink (light pink), ochre yellow and caramel. For each colour there are matching cot sheets in the many collections we have. P>


The blanket is 100x150 cm and therefore fits perfectly on the cot. Also available as a blanket for the pram or crib in the 100x150 blanket format.

TOG value h3>

The TOG value tells how well the blanket holds heat. This blanket has a value of 0.9 and therefore combines well with a sleeping bag. Check your baby yourself. A sweaty neck means that your child is too warm: then you need to remove a layer.

Material h3>

Cotton and acrylic. P>

Washing instructions h3> You can wash the blanket at 30 degrees (Celsius). The blanket's label lists all the washing instructions.

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