Changing Mat Cover Terry 50x70cm - Ivory/Nougat - 2 Pack


About the product

A soft cover that fits perfectly around the changing mat is the most practical basic in your layette. And how beautiful are these soft Ivory and Nougat colours? The fabric is thick, soft and stretchy. Thanks to the elastic in the edges, the cover will fit snugly around the changing mat. The uni-colours will match all the fun Jollein Themes. Will you go with the Goose theme, or do you prefer the cute teddy bears? The changing mat is rather cold without a cushion, and plastic is not very comfortable. A loose towel will slip off and won't cover the edges. A standard muslin cloth is too small and thin to cover the changing mat properly. This changing mat cover will stay snugly in place like a fitted sheet, you can easily wash it, and your baby will feel comfortable. To make sure that you always have a spare, these covers are delivered in a 2-pack.


Available in various basic colours. Also available with prints from the Jollein collections.


With a size of 50x70 cm, this fitted sheet will fit around the Jollein changing mat and any standard size changing mat.


100% jersey cotton. There is elastic at the edges, just like with a fitted sheet. So it will stay properly in place.


Of course you can wash the cover. The washing instructions are on the washing label.

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