Bedbumper 34"x70" / 35x180cm - River Knit - Ash Green

  • About the product

    All help that can be used for sleeping through the night is welcome. This soft knitted cotbumper is an ideal pad for your child's head. Children sometimes bump their head against the bars of the crib while asleep, and busy babies collide with the bars of the crib several times per sleep. And that doesn't just disturb your baby's sleep, but also your own. And, you're right... Every hour of sleep is sacred if you have a baby.

    You can easily knot the fully padded main protector to the bars of the cot and voilà .. The cotbumper is ready to soften the bumps and ensure that your child doesn't get hurt or wake up. An enclosed headboard is also very cosy and discreet. This cot cushion can be used for any age.

    You can also use it as a cotbumper inside the cot. It's cosy and it perfectly matches with the matching playpen mat.

    The cotbumper can be used on two sides. A soft fleece side as well as a beautiful knitted side. The knit side has the recognizable wave pattern of the River Knit theme by Jollein.

    River Knit Collection

    Complete the atmosphere in the baby room with the matching blankets, the hot water bottle cover, the matching storage baskets, the washable cover for the changing mat and the playpen mat.


    white, green and pink.


    180x35 cm. The strings to attach the cot bumper to the playpen or cot are 21 cm long.


    50% cotton with 50% acrylic, the back is made of soft fleece (polyester) and lined with fibrefill.


    You can wash this pillow. Wash it with same or similar colours at a maximum of 30 degrees (Celsius) and lay it flat to dry. Follow the further washing instructions on the wash label.

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