Drinking Cup Silicone - Pale Pink


About the product

There comes a time when your child starts drinking from a cup. After practising with a sippy cup and a cup with a straw, the time is finally there. This silicone cup is ideal to practise autonomous drinking. Help your child to get the hang of this, using this great cup.

The cup is made of silicone and it can contain warm or cold drinks. The size is manageable for young children, so it can be held easily. After use, the cup can be put in the dishwasher so it will be nice and clean for the next use.

The silicone cup is available in 6 colours!

Mix Match


If you are practising hard with autonomous eating and drinking, then we can help you with our complete assortment of silicone items, to make this as easy as possible.

You don't fancy a mess? Even using a snack cup, your toddler will be able to turn things into a mess, that's where a bib comes in handy. View our broad assortment in the web shop!

About the theme

The silicone items of Jollein are trendy, practical and stylish. Each of the products are lovely presents to give and to receive. The products are easy to use, can go in the dishwasher, oven and freezer and make it as easy as possible for the parents to practise with food and will be a stylish addition to the table! The collection is available in nougat, storm grey, jeans blue, pale pink, ash green and caramel.

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