Duvet 4-Seasons 100x135cm - White


About the product

A practical all-season cot duvet for big toddlers who still sleep in the cot. The cot duvet consists of two parts. With one part you have an airy summer duvet. And with both parts together you have a wonderfully warm winter duvet. The parts are very easy to attach to each other. And once in the duvet cover, the two parts also stay together well, even if your toddler is tossing and turning. You can complete this white duvet with a duvet cover. This is not included. You can choose from all kinds of prints and colours from our collection, making it completely suitable for the nursery.


100x135 cm.

TOG valuelt; /h3gt;

The summer part has a value of 3.2nbsp; and the winter part a TOG value of 4.0. Nice and warm.

Your toddler will now be old enough to be able to indicate whether he is too cold or too hot. A toddler sleeping bag is still very nice for a night's sleep. This ensures that they don't cool down - and thus wake up - when they've kicked off the cot duvet while dreaming. In combination with a cover, a summer sleeping bag is the best choice.


For the sleep safety of your child, it is recommended that you only use a cover when your child is 2 years or older. Is your child still under 2 years old? Then it really is better to wait a little longer and use sheets and blankets in the meanwhile. Of course, these are also widely available with us.

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Cozy and Versatile Duvet!

I love this 4-season duvet! The quality is exceptional, providing the perfect warmth year-round. The crisp white color adds a touch of elegance to my little one's bed. If anyone is searching for a versatile and cozy Duvet, just go for this 4-season duvet available at PetitPyla.

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