Muslin Cloth Spot 28"x28" / 70x70cm - Storm Grey - 3-Pack


About the product

With these hydrophilic cloths, you'll have the right multifunctional cloths at home. The cool colours and print give the towels a personal touch.

This hydrophilic material is ideal as a towel after the bath. The hydrophilic cotton absorbs a lot of moisture and with the thin fabric you can easily pat the skin dry between the skin folds. The soft fabric protects the baby's delicate skin. Does your baby regularly "give back" some food? Then place a hydrophilic cloth on the head of the crib, in the pram box and under their head in the playpen. That saves a lot of time changing the cot, plus you protect the playpen mat. Always put some hydrophilic cloths in the diaper bag for an outing with your baby, because this multi-cloth is useful as a quick pram cover against sun and wind. And with this cloth you'll immediately have a burp cloth on hand during feeding. Also useful as a changing cloth so that your baby is protected and you can keep the surface clean. Pretty handy, right? What a cloth! You can't do without it.

This hydrophilic cloth is also called a hydrophilic diaper. In the past, these cloths were used as diapers. Now that there are disposable diapers, hardly anyone uses washable diapers, yet the name of this multi-cloth actually hasn't changed in all those years. You can have piles of hydrophilic diapers in the closet, you use them for everything, and there's always a pile in the laundry.

In short: stock up! You can never have enough hydrophilic multi-cloths.

That's why these 70 x 70 cm multi-cloths are supplied as standard in a 3-pack. Now that's a good purchase.

You can wash the cloths nice and hot, and they can always be used hygienically. You can iron them, but it's better not to. Uncoated hydrophilic fabric absorbs more moisture.

Spot Collection

Combine the cool spots of these cloths with other hydrophilic items and a changing mat cover from Jollein's Spot collection. And let the spots also appear in your baby's baby nest and sleeping bag.


Available in caramel brown and grey. Hydrophilic cloths with other prints are also available.


70 x 70 cm An XL size is also available with the same print.


100% hydrophilic cotton.


Washable up to 60 degrees (Celsius). Can be tumble dried and ironed. The care label tells all washing instructions.

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