Playpen Mat Spot 80x100cm - Caramel


About the product

This bold spotted playpen mat gives your baby a comfortable and soft surface for any Moment of play, in the playpen and on the ground. p>

for even more comfort, to be used in combination with a playpen mattress. This print is also available on a 75x95 cm playpen base pad. P>

the spot collection h2>

This playpen mat comes from the spots collection. With the products and accessories from the spots collection not only can you completely create a look for the baby's room, but you can also pull the look into your own living room and kitchen. From hydrophilic cloths to highchair cushion. From sleeping bag to baby nest. You can choose everything in caramel or everything in grey or combine these two colours with each other. Anything's possible! P>

colour h3>

in brown or grey with black spots all over. P>

Format h3>

With the format 80x100 cm, this playmat fits in any standard format playpen. p>

Material h3>

The playmat is made of 100% cotton with polyester fibre fill filling. p>

Wash h3>

You can wash this play mat up to 30 degrees (Celsius). The washing instructions are on the wash label. P>

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