Sheet Crib 75x100cm Love you - Caramel


About the product

With a white sheet you can make your baby's bed safe, sleek and tight. Chucking the sides of the sheet under the mattress, not only will your little one sleep safely, but he will also experience a sense of security. This sweet sheet with the text 'love you' matches perfectly with the blankets from the Basic knit theme and the Bliss knit theme of Jollein.


The sheet is white in all cases, the print is available in six different colours: caramel brown, grey, lilac, nougat creme, pink and stone green. Since you can choose from six different colours, you will always be able to find an accompanying blanket.


The sheet matches with size 75x100 cm in a cradle or pram. Also available in larger size, for a cot.


100% cotton.

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