Washcloth Muslin - White - 3 Pack


About the product

Bamboo is durable and softer than soft to the delicate skin of your little one. It absorbs four times more moist than cotton and it is nicely breathing.

Washcloths come in handy during the bathing of your little baby. Also always suitable for that morning wash on the changing mat. Your hand will easily fit into the washcloth and the bamboo fabric is soft to the delicate baby skin. The thin smooth fabric will easily allow you to reach the skin folds or under the chin without damaging the skin.

Also handy for an outing to wipe off dirty faces and dirty hands. Due to the small size, they easily fit into the guest case.

The washcloths come in a 3-pack as standard. Since having more washcloths is always convenient.

You can wash the cloths nice and hot, so you can always hygienically use them again. You can iron them, but it would be smarter not to do that. Non-ironed fabric will take up more moist.


Available in the colours grey, green, pink, caramel and white.


15x20 cm


70% durable bamboo and 30% cotton


Washable up to 60 degrees. Can be dried in the dryer and you can iron it. The care label explains all washing instructions.

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