Muslin Cloth Large 115x115cm - Savannah - 2 Pack


About the product

With this muslin cloths you always have multi-functional cloths at hand. The trendy print with elephants, gives the cloths a personal touch.

This cloth is perfect as a towel after your baby's bath. The hydrophilic cotton absorbs a lot of water and because it's so thin you can easily get between the skin folds. The soft fabric will protect your baby's tender skin. Does your baby suffer from reflux? Then put a muslin cloth under its head in the cradle, the pram or the playpen. This way, you don't have to clean beds all the time and you will also protect the playpen mattress. Also make sure to have a couple of muslin cloths in the diaper bag when you go out with your baby. Because this cloth can also serve as a burp cloth during mealtime. You can also use it to put under your baby's bum when changing it's diaper for protection. Practical isn't it! You can't do without it anymore.

This muslin cloth is also called a hydrophilic diaper because they were also used as diapers once. Now that we have disposable diapers, no one hardly uses washable diapers anymore. Still, the name hasn't changed over the years. You can never have enough of these hydrophilic diapers at your disposal. In short: buy lots of them!

These multi cloths come in 115 x 115 cm size in a double pack. They don't come any cheaper than that.

You can wash them at a high temperature so that they're always clean. You can iron them, but it's better not to because non-ironed they are more absorbent.

Savannah theme

Combine the elephant print with other hydrophilic items and the Spring Knit and Bliss Knit theme. We also have super cute Elephant toys that match perfectly.


Only available in ivory. We also have these cloths with other prints.


115 x 115 cm. We also have a smaller size with the same print.


100% hydrophilic cotton.


Can be washed at 60 degrees max. Is suitable for the tumble dryer and can be ironed. The wash label contains all the wash instructions.

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