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Byblos One shoulder girl's swimsuit - Pink Gold

For a stylish and stunning vacation by the water, choose the Byblos swimsuit. This model has the particularity of covering only one shoulder, which makes the swimsuit trendy and very aesthetic. The making of the beautiful Byblos swimsuit is 100% European as the high quality fabric is of Italian origin with a lovely rose gold embossed effect, itself OEKO-TEX certified. This means that great care is taken to ensure that the standards are met in the manufacture of the swimwear. When swimming, don't worry, the swimsuit is chlorine and sunscreen resistant. You'll love the iridescent rose gold color that is very feminine. Slightly embossed, the Byblos swimsuit is refined and aimed at young girls who value their style. 

Product information : 

  • One shoulder swimsuit for girls
  • Pink gold color
  • European fabric
  • Sold in beach pouch


Product care: 

To properly care for your Byblos swimsuit, you should clean it with a towel that serves to protect the fabric of the swimsuit. Indeed, it is better to avoid direct contact with certain materials that are too rough and would damage the fabric. Particular care must be taken during maintenance to extend the life of your swimsuit. After each swim, a rinse with clear water is preferable to eliminate external agents such as salt or chlorine. Washing in a washing machine with the other clothes could damage the swimsuit, but also the other clothes which would then be in contact with the salt and chlorine not cleaned beforehand. Drying should be done flat and away from the sun in order to keep the original shape of the swimsuit. Here are our tips to take care of your one-piece swimsuit and keeping it in perfect condition:

• For washing: systematically rinse your one-piece swimsuit with clear water after each swim in sea water and/or chlorine. Prefer hand washing with soft products such as soap for example.

• To dry your one-piece swimsuit: do not expose it to direct sunlight, lay it flat and make sure it is in the shade so as not to damage the color over the long term.

• Never store your one-piece swimsuit wet or damp in its beach bag.


• Exterior: 97% polyamide 3% elasthanne
• Lining: 90% polyamide 10% elasthanne

Âges 2 ans  3 ans 4 ans 5 ans 6ans 8 ans 10 ans 12 ans 14 ans
(en cm)
86-92 93-97 104 110 116 128 140 152 164
(en Inches)
30,5-34,5 35,5-38,5 41 43 45,5 50,5 55 60 64,5

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