Slab Terry Polar - 3-Pack


About the product

Three easily washable bibs in one package. This is useful for messy moments at the table. Protect your baby or toddler's clothes with this bib. And is the bib dirty or just in the wash? No problem. With three bibs in one package, you have a new one for your child in no time.

You close the bib at the back with Velcro.

Each bib has its own print. One bib shows small mountain peaks, one shows the modest text: ‘You can move mountains’ with some mountains in the back. And a bib with the polar animals from the Polar Jollein theme.


The colours of this recognizable Polar print from Jollein are blue, grey and brown on a white background.


26x33 cm.


75% terry cloth cotton and 25% polyester.


Wash up to 40 degrees. It is best to wash the bib in a laundry bag, this way you prevent damage to the Velcro on the clothing.

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