Swaddle Bamboo Muslin 115x115cm - Caramel - 2 Pack


About the product

With this large size bamboo muslin cloth you have a multifunctional basic at home. Bamboo is durable and softer than soft to the delicate skin of your little one. It absorbs four times more moist than cotton and it is nicely breathable. The plain colours combine with any Jollein collection.

This multi-cloth is also known as a swaddle. You can use it as a swaddling cloth so your newborn baby will feel safe and secure during the sleep hours. Also ideal as a towel, because the smaller size muslin cloth is often just a bit too small to properly cover your baby after the bath. The multi-cloth can easily be wrapped around your baby, as soon as you take him out of the bath. That will prevent your baby from cooling off. At the same time, the bamboo fabric takes up a lot of moist, which makes the drying of your baby quicker and keeps him warm. The cloth is also handy to change your baby's clothes on, on the changing mat or on the sofa.

Are you taking your baby on an outing? Then you cannot do without this bamboo swaddle. It will save a lot of hassle and searching for the right items during your outing. Because this multi-cloth is as convenient as an extra blanket or quick pram cover against sun and wind. At the same time, a comfortable wrap cloth if you want to lift your baby from the pram for a minute. Also big enough to be used as a playing mat on a substrate that is already soft. And the cloth is an ideal size to create a sort of private shelter around you when you are breastfeeding. The breathing fabric ensures that your baby will not be too warm. And with this cloth you immediately have a burp cloth at hand during feeding. You are already wondering, aren't you? How did you manage to take your baby out when you didn't have this muslin bamboo XL yet? With this multi-wrapper all-rounder you will be your entirely balanced practical self, during a day out.

In short: hoard! This XL multi-purpose cloths 115x115 size are standard available in a 2-pack.

You can wash the cloths nice and hot, so you can always hygienically use them again. After washing the cloths remain soft. You can iron them, but it would be smarter not to do that. Non-ironed fabric will take up more moist.


Available in the colours grey, green, pink, caramel/nougat and white.


115x115cm. Also available in Small size.


For 70% made of durable bamboo and 30% cotton.


Washable up to 60 degrees. Can be dried in the dryer and you can iron it. The care label explains all washing instructions.

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