Toy Suitcase Shell - Pale Pink - 2 Pack


About the product

Lovely soft solid coloured blanket for the cot. Also very handy to use as a wrap blanket. It is better to use a crib blanket for the pram. The blanket can be combined well with a sheet. At the top, wrap the sheet around the blanket and combine the radiant white or a print of the sheet with this basic blanket. Not only does that look great, it also ensures that you don't have to change the blanket every time.


Which colour are you going for? This blanket is available in seven colours: pink, chestnut, rosewood, ivory, caramel (bear brown), nougat (cream coloured), grey, ash green (a soft greyish green), yellow and mustard yellow.


Handy to have at least two blankets per bed. This way you won't be without blankets at night while you mainly want to sleep, the washing machine runs like crazy after a diaper spray or spitting session and your baby longs for a warm bed.

TOG value

< p>All our products are tested for the so-called TOG value. This has a TOG value of 1.0, which is handy because your little one is often nicely wrapped in clothes or a sleeping bag. This combines perfectly with this crib blanket.


The blanket is 100x150 cm and therefore fits in the cot. The size crib blanket 75x100 cm is very suitable as a blanket for the pram.


100% natural cotton.

Washing instructions

Your You can wash the blanket at 30 degrees and let it dry in the mould. The blanket is made of 100% natural cotton, so it can pill after washing. All washing instructions are on the label.

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