Bowl Silicone - Storm Grey


About the product

With this seat reducer, your little one can sit comfortably at the table!

As soon as your baby can sit independently, it can also sit in a high chair. Your child sits better and safer with this seat reducer. Your baby will not slip on the seat, it will not fall to the side. The cushion gives support to the buttocks, the back and it keeps your baby more in place.

The design of the reducer also gives the chair a personal touch. You can put the safety belts through the slots on the side of the seat reducer so that you can secure your child in the seat just as easily.

The seat reducer is made of plastic-coated, removable material so you can clean at the table and not have to be afraid anymore for spray nappies. You can clean it in no time with a damp cloth.

This seat reducer is universally suitable for a regular high chair. However, it is not suitable for Stokke's Tripp Trapp Grow Chair. We have other seat reducers in our range for this. See the cushion sets for an adaptive chair in the range.


There are also playpen rugs with this unisex star print and made of the same practical, easy-to-clean material.


Available in grey with white stars. Other prints are available.


This seat reducer is universally suitable for a regular high chair.


Made of coated polyester. 100% Phthalate-free.


This product should not be washed in the washing machine but can be wiped with a damp cloth (do not use chemicals).


You can use the high chair with baby set as soon as your baby can sit independently. Usually this is from about 6 months. Never leave your baby unattended in the high chair.

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