Bowl Silicone - Ash Green


About the product

Enjoy your meal from you own bowl! This fun silicone bowl is very practical for your baby's first meal, but also as a snack bowl when you baby is a little older. Small children love to touch their food, that is why we have fitted with a practical suction pad. This way, the bowl and its contents will not be pulled off the table.

The bowl is made of silicone so that it is suitable for warm and cold meals. It can withstand temperatures up to -20 degrees to +230 degrees Celsius and is therefore suitable for the dishwasher. This way you can enjoy you food together! The bowl is available in 6 trendy colours.

Mix Match

Combine the bowl with a silicone spoon for the ultimate snack experience!

About the theme

Jollein's silicone items are trendy, practical and stylish. All products are great presents to give and to get. The products are easy in use, are suitable for dishwasher, oven and freezer, and it they make it easier for parents to practise with food and having stylish mealtimes! The collection is available in nougat, storm grey, jeans blue, pale pink, ash green and caramel.

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