Duvet 100x135cm - White


About the product

A wonderfully warm cot duvet for large toddlers who still sleep in the cot. The size is 100x135 cm and therefore fits in a cot.

You can complete this white duvet with a duvet cover. The cover is not included. You can choose from all kinds of prints and colours from our collection, making it completely suitable for the nursery.


100x135 cm.


100% cotton with polyester filling.

TOG value

The cover has a TOG value of 4.0

Your toddler will be old enough by now to be able to indicate for themself that they are too cold or too hot. A toddler sleeping bag is still very nice for a good night's sleep. This ensures that your baby does not cool down -and thus wake up- if it has kicked off the cot duvet while dreaming.


For the sleeping safety of your child, it is recommended that you only use a cot duvet if your child is 2 years or older. Is your child still under 2 years old? Then it is better to wait a little longer and use sheets and blankets instead. Of course also widely available with us.

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