Spoon Silicone - Pale Pink - 2 Pack


About the product

Do you also have a regular evening ritual with your little one? Would you like to read a book or sing a song together, put on a sleeping bag and tuck them in? This fine baby sleeping bag with lovely basic stripes has detachable sleeves. This way you can convert it from a TOG value of 3.5 for the cold winter days to a TOG value of 2.5 for the cool nights in spring and autumn. A sleeping bag gives your baby a sense of security, provides warmth and limits freedom of movement. So nice with your active rascal. Is the sleeping bag still not warm enough? This sleeping bag can be combined well with the cotton blankets from the Jollein collection.

Basic stripe Collection

The sleeping bag from the Basic stripe collection can be combined well with the cotton blankets from Jollein .

The specialist in baby sleeping bags since 1973

As a specialist, we know better than anyone what a perfect sleeping bag must meet due to our many years of experience. Safety and comfort are our top priorities when developing new sleeping bags. Your baby should be able to sleep safely and comfortably in all our sleeping bags. We also go for trends and accessibility. The sleeping bag is always easy to use, you can transform the 4-season sleeping bag from winter to summer sleeping bag in no time at all and you can easily zip the sleeves of the sleeping bag when the nights get warmer again. We combine all this with the most trendy colours and prints. Jollein, dreaming big since 1973!


The sleeping bag has the colour pink (Rosewood). The sleeping bag is also available in Nougat and Jeans blue.


Available in three sizes 70, 90 and 110 cm. Choose the size that suits your baby's height and check the size chart.


The sleeping bag is made of 100% cotton with polyester filling.

TOG value

All our sleeping bags have been tested for the so-called TOG value, which has a value of 3.0 with sleeves and 2.0 without sleeves.

Washing instructions

You can wash this baby sleeping bag at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. And don't put it in the dryer! Ironing is not necessary, but if you really want to: the sleeping bag can handle it well. The washing label in the sleeping bag contains all washing instructions.


Never buy a sleeping bag for the child to grow into. A sleeping bag that is too large with a neck opening that is too large is dangerous for your child. Choose the size that suits your baby's height.

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