Veil Vintage 155cm - Ash Green


About the product

A veil will turn the cot into a cosy berth. And you will see: hanging up the veil will finish the baby room. It provides ambiance and security. With the matching support you can easily hang up the cot veil, without the need to drill holes in ceiling or walls. The support with ring also ensures that the veil is hanging correctly at first instance.

The support is not included in the veil package.


This vintage-look veil is available in beautiful trendy colours: white, pink, green, nougat, grey, rust, caramel and mustard yellow. That will certainly enable you pick the one that matches the colour palette of the baby room. Furthermore, matching sheets, fitted sheets and blankets are available. Many colours return in the different Jollein lines. That makes combining easy. How instagrammable do you want the baby room?


The veil is 155 cm long. The matching support is 150 cm high. The support is not included in the veil package.


The veil consists of 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

The washing tips

You can wash it on a manual washing program. Afterwards, hang it in the shape to dry. Don't put it in the dryer; ironing is possible. Follow the washing instructions on the care label

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