Mosquito Net Vintage 96 inch Storm Grey


About the product

This beautiful vintage-look canopy turns the baby bed into a snug sleeping corner. The canopy provides a sense of security and finishes the baby room completely.

With the matching support you can very easily hang a canopy without needing to worry about drilling holes in the ceiling or in the wall. The support for also ensures that the canopy is hanging correctly at first instance. The support is not included with the canopy, although it is available at Jollein's.


This canopy is available in twelve beautiful trendy colours: Jeans blue, brown (Chestnut) and pink (Rosewood), ash green, blush pink, pale pink, caramel brown, mustard yellow, nougat creamy, rust (red brown), soft grey and dazzling white. Surely that will enable you to pick the colour that matches the colour palette of the baby room. Furthermore, matching sheets, fitted sheets and blankets are available. How instagrammable do you want the nursery?


Length of 245 cm. With the matching support of 220 cm the canopy will instantly hang at the right height.


The canopy is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

The washing tips

You can wash it on a manual washing program. Afterwards, hang it in the shape to dry. Don't put it in the dryer; ironing is possible.

Extra tip: also provides the right ambiance for older children

The canopy is entirely baby room proof. As soon as it hangs, the baby room will breath the right atmosphere.

If your baby starts crawling and grabbing though, there may come a time when the canopy is pulled into the bed and devoured. Then you will get wet strips, mixed with a happy steak of snot. Not a very attractive thought. Then you had better put the canopy away for a while, but make sure you don't throw the canopy away yet. Once your child has grown a bit, then the canopy will once again be a nice addition to the nursery and also with a toddler bed, it will give an amazing ambiance and great security.

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