Baby Sleeping Bag 4-seasons 28"/70cm - Whales - Pale Pink


About the product

This is such a handy 4-season baby sleeping bag. You can use this sleeping bag with a different TOG value at lightning speed in every season and with fluctuations in ambient temperature. One moment it is a double-layer winter sleeping bag with sleeves and the next you have a summer sleeping bag with the removable sleeveless sleeping bag! As a concerned mother, you immediately feel completely understood with this great practical invention. And whichever part your baby sleeps in, this sleeping bag is nice and soft anyway.

The two parts are very easy to put in and take apart. You attach the inner part to the outer part with press studs.

The specialist in baby sleeping bags since 1973

As a specialist, we know better than anyone what a perfect sleeping bag must meet due to our many years of experience. Safety and comfort are our top priorities when developing new sleeping bags. Your baby should be able to sleep safely and comfortably in all our sleeping bags. We also go for trends and accessibility. The sleeping bag is always easy to use, you can transform the 4-season sleeping bag from winter to summer sleeping bag in no time at all and you can easily zip the sleeves of the sleeping bag when the nights get warmer again. We combine all this with the most trendy colours and prints. Jollein, dreaming big since 1973!


This sleeping bag has a calm whale print in two colours. Are you going for the pink or the green version?


Available in 70, 90 and 110 cm. Make sure you choose the right size. You don't want the head to be able to get into the sleeping bag through the neck opening or that the sleeping bag is so small that it can't stretch the legs well. Use the size chart and choose just right! This gives you the best chance of a carefree night.


Cotton with polyester filling.


TOG value

Each sleeping bag part has its own TOG value When using two parts and sleeves it is a winter sleeping bag with TOG value 3.0, with only the outer layer it has a TOG value of 2.5 and with only the inner sleeveless summer layer you have a TOG value of 0.5. Tip: Do not to be too busy with that TOG value, use common sense: with two fingers in the neck of your baby you can feel whether your baby is having a good time. Does it sweat? Then it's too hot. And cold hands doesn't say much, does it? The neck gives the right information!

The washing instructions

You can wash the sleeping bag. The easiest thing to do is separate the parts. It washes and dries just that little bit easier. Make sure you maintain the maximum temperature of 40 degrees and the sleeping bag really does not like the dryer. Ironing is allowed, but it is not necessary. The care label in the sleeping bag tells you all of the washing instructions. Check it before you wash.


Convenient change

Whatever season you are, the sleeping bag can remain on while changing. Unzip the sleeping bag until navel height, but leave the upper body nice and warm in the sleeping bag. Remove the legs and buttocks, slide the unzipped bottom of the sleeping bag to the side and you can change! Let's just hope the romper stayed clean. Good luck!

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