Baby Sleeping Bag Wrapper 0-3 months - Spickle - Grey


About the product

A swaddle ensures a good night's sleep for your baby (and with that a good night's sleep for you too...yeah!). This fine wrapper is made of 100% supple jersey and has a handy Velcro closure. The speckled print matches any bedding and matches extra well with the knitted collection from Jollein.

The swaddle is easy to put on with the firm yet soft Velcro fastener. At the bottom of the wrapper is a handy zip, handy for changing a diaper. You unzip the bottom and the rest of the wrapper can stay on.

Sleeping well is important for the development of your baby, but that is not easy. For example, sudden movements of their own arms and hands are enough reason to wake up and start crying. To help your baby sleep well, you can let them sleep in this swaddle bag for the first three months. Just as he was nicely rolled up in mom's tummy, this wrap blanket also gives that feeling of security.

This swaddle blanket is made according to the latest insights. The arms and chest are nicely tucked in while the legs can continue to move freely. You know it well. Babies stretch their legs and go back to that wonderful relaxed frog pose. Precisely that position is very important for the development of the hip joint and the hip socket. With this correct swaddling method, your baby will sleep more peacefully while it continues to develop properly.


Grey or Nougat (beige).


< p>It is suitable for your baby from birth to 3 months.


100% jersey cotton.


You can wash the swaddle at a maximum of 40 degrees. The speckle wrapper should not be tumble dried or washed with a product containing chlorine. You may however iron the wrapper.

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