Baby Sleeping Bag Newborn Cocoon 0-3 months - Goose - Nougat


About the product

A cocoon sleeping bag is a swaddle sleeping bag for the youngest babies. During their first 3 months babies like to be wrapped tightly, so as to feel that security of mummy's belly. Your newborn also has a startle response, allowing him to wake himself up, hitting himself with the arms. This all ensures that swaddling during the first few months is a perfect solution.

Of course you want to swaddle in style. That is possible with this bright swaddle sleeping bag with sweet geese. The sleeping bag has closed arm holes that makes your baby really swaddled and cannot wake himself using his arms.

The jersey fabric of this swaddle sleeping bag is thicker than usual, which is to limit the freedom of movement for the youngest babies even more. The TOG-value is 0.5. The Goose sleeping bag is available in a nice packaging which also makes it a perfect birth gift.

Browse for the Goose cocoon sleeping bag in biscuit or nougat and use it for a perfect night's rest. Suitable for your baby of 0-3 months. After this you can switch to a regular 70 cm Jollein sleeping bag.

Mix Match

Would you rather use a sleeping bag with a blanket? The Pointelle theme is a perfect match with Goose.

About the theme

The Goose theme is cheerful, with its cute white geese on a neutral background of nougat or biscuit. In the theme you will only find sleeping bags of wonderful stretchy jersey with a TOG-value of 0.5. Goose is a perfect match with Pointelle blankets of Jollein.

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