Baby Sleeping Bag with Removable Sleeves 28"/70cm - Snake - Ash Green


About the product

It's never too early to start with cool and trendy prints. Check this out! This snake print is all the rage.

With sleeves or without? When it is still cold you can use this sleeping bag with sleeves. And when it is warm? Then you can take the sleeves off. Really simple.

The specialist in baby sleeping bags since 1973

We as specialists know what the perfect sleeping bag must comply with because of our many years of experience. Safety and comfort are top of our list when developing new sleeping bags. Your baby should be able to sleep safely and comfortably in all our sleeping bags. But we also look at trends and accessibility. The sleeping bag is always easy to use and within seconds you can change this 4-season sleeping bag into a winter or summer sleeping bag by taking off the sleeves when the nights are getting warmer again. We combine this all with the most trendy colours and prints. Jollein, dreaming big since 1973!


You can choose between pink or green with an all-over snake skin print. Size This snake print is available in three sizes: 70, 90 and 110 cm. Want to make sure these size are right for your baby? Check the size label and select the sleeping bag that matches the length of your child. Material The sleeping bag is made of cotton and lined with polyester fibrefill.

TOG value

All our sleeping bags are tested for the so-called TOG value and this one has a value of 2.0.

Washing instructions

Of course you can wash the sleeping bag, but do pay attention that you stick to the maximum temperature of 40 degrees. And better not put it in the dryer! Ironing is not necessary, but if it's your hobby, then feel free. Having problems remembering this all? No worries! The wash label inside the sleeping bag contains all instructions.

Easy to clean

When changing your baby, you don't need to take off the whole sleeping bag. Just zip it open, leave the baby's body nice and warm inside and only take out the baby's bum and legs. And now you must pay attention: before you start changing the nappy, you must first push the downside of the sleeping bag all the way to the side. Because you definitely don't want to find the contents of the nappy inside the sleeping bag. Good luck!

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