Sleeping Bag 4-seasons 90cm Whales Pale Pink


About the product

These four play figures are suitable for use in combination with the Jollein wooden baby gym. It is made of soft teddy fabric in pink or green. From about 10 weeks, your baby has an increasing need for stimulation, playing and looking around. That's when a baby gym offers that extra challenge. Get the wooden baby gym quickly and decorate it with these fun figures in the shape of two moons and two stars. Place your baby underneath on a soft surface and let the play begin! Your baby will find the movements of the toys on the baby gym fascinating to watch. They will enthusiastically kick their feet or make noises when they grab or tap a toy to make it move even more. The use of the baby gym stimulates the development of gross and fine motor skills. It stimulates the senses. In addition, your baby will gain more and more control over its grasping techniques and will learn that toys will move more when you tap or grab toys. So very valuable, such a baby gym. The Jollein baby gym toys are exclusively supplied with the wooden baby gym. The baby gym is available separately and is easy to assemble. There are several matching baby gym toys available in the Jollein collection. You can easily attach and remove the baby toys. This allows you to alternate with the toys and it remains interesting and challenging for your baby.


Pink or green.


The cord on which the toys hang is 22 cm long.


100% polyester teddy.


Do not let baby not only with the baby gym. Stay close to your baby.

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