Changing Mat Cover Safari 50x70cm - Ocher


About the product

A soft Safari-style cover with beautiful ribbed cot edges. The cover fits exactly around the changing mat and is the most practical basic in the layette. The fabric is soft and stretchy and the design gives a personal touch. The cover fits tightly all the way around so that it stays in place.

The changing mat is quite cold without the cover and plastic and is not very comfortable. A loose towel will slide off and will not cover the edges. A standard hydrophilic cloth is too small and too thin to properly cover the changing mat.

This changing mat cover stays in place like a fitted sheet, you wash it in no time and it gives your baby (and you) a comfortable feeling. Great, isn't it?

Tip to have several covers handy. changing mat covers have to endure a lot. Like “oops… the milk runs nicely down my cheeks onto the cover” or “ah.. nice to pee now that my diaper is off”. You bet… you change the changing mat several times a day with a clean cushion cover.

Safari Collection

This cover fits into Jollein's cheerful safari collection. See the cheerful safari animals come back in the hydrophilic cloths and washcloths.


Available in 3 colours: yellow, green and grey. The ribbed edge is in unicolor. The centre strip has a safari print. Also available with other prints or in unicolors.


With the size 50x70 cm, this cover fits the Jollein changing mat and any standard size changing mat.


The trim is 94% cotton 6% spandex ribbed jersey. The centre strip with print is made of 100% cotton.


You can of course wash the cover. The washing instructions are on the care label.

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